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Kansas PRIDE Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What forms are required to become a PRIDE Community?

To be a PRIDE Community a community must enroll annually (January 1 of each year is the technical deadline to be considered for awards) providing official PRIDE Enrollment information and Resolution of Government Support. There are different enrollment options available and are outlined in the Enrollment Options form on the Program Participation Page.

Does the Kansas PRIDE Program provide funding to Communities?

Yes and no. Kansas PRIDE Inc., the non profit partner of the Kansas PRIDE Program, provides minigrants, known as Partners in PRIDE Grants, available to Kansas PRIDE Communities that have obtained the level of Community of Excellence, and Growth and Action Awards for reimbursement of expenses for start up communities or established communities working on new ideas and projects. The K-State Research and Extension PRIDE Program provides information through email/newsletter of upcoming K-State Research and Extension funding as well as resources available through the Kansas Department of Commerce. Information on funding resources can be found on the Funding Opportunities Page.

What funding resources are available for communities?

The Kansas Department of Commerce Regional Program Managers (RPMs) provide a presentation and information on funding sources. Regional Project Managers based throughout the state are available to ensure your business or community is prepared to achieve its goals. Managers will assist in identifying incentives and assistance available to help grow your business; can provide training,strategic planning facilitation and identification of community development assistance programs; and will serve as liaisons to other state and federal agencies. To contact your local RPM, click HERE.

We also have done some research on some potential resources and sources of funding. CLICK HERE  for Useful Community Resources.

Does the Kansas PRIDE Program provide an umbrella for Kansas PRIDE Communities that do not have a 501 (c) 3?

Unfortunately not. But if your PRIDE Community is interested in becoming a not for profit, please take time to review our Becoming A Charitable Not For Profit Fact Sheet

Does our community need a 501©3?

Not necessarily. For options and information, contact Julie Roller at Kansas Rural Communities Foundation:
Phone: (785) 456-8444

Why apply for a Community of Excellence (COE) status?

Kansas PRIDE program recognizes those communities that are functioning at a high level of community involvement in the community planning process. This recognition is provided by the COE status and is viable for 3 years. This planning process also increases the visibility of your PRIDE organization among community members and provides a process for everyone to have the opportunity for input into your planned goals and strategies for the next 3 years. In addition to this, once a community becomes a COE they are then eligible to apply for the Partners in PRIDE (PIP) grants through Kansas PRIDE, Inc.. These grants provide some funds to be used to carry out community projects that fit within the long term community goals. Applications are due October 15th each year.

How can our community get a Kansas PRIDE sign?

Contact us at PRIDE@ksu.edu if your community is interested - but be sure to consult KDOT locally or at the state level to consult on where your signs can and cannot be placed. The most current contact information forKDOT and Right of Way can be found HERE.

Should a PRIDE Group buy liability insurance for utilizing a city owned building for Community PRIDE sponsored activities?

The situation is different in each of our Kansas PRIDE communities so, it depends:

In many of the communities the local PRIDE organization operates under the city's insurance policy as a committee doing the work for PRIDE/City sponsored events. This is a benefit to all. In others, if the activities take place on/in city owned property the liability is covered under the city's policy. However, if they hold events on private property they buy an individual event liability policy. In other communities they partner with another community organization for insurance coverage.

The City and PRIDE Group might want to seek legal counsel or advice from your insurance representative to ensure proper coverage at the least expense possible for the benefit of all those living in your area so that the great activities that have been started can continue at a reasonable cost to the participants.