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Kansas PRIDE Program

Funding Opportunities


The Kansas PRIDE Program affords three opportunities for funding: Growth and Action Awards and Partners in PRIDE (PIP), which are available exclusive to local PRIDE Communities by Kansas PRIDE, Inc. 

Volunteers Impact PRIDE (VIP)Community Grant through the Kansas PRIDE Program made possible by the generosity of Kansas Masons.


Definition of Good Standing: Enrolled, Resolution of Government Support submitted, Quarterly Reports up to date.

Growth and Action Awards help offset out of pocket expenses for community members, and help with costs associated with starting a local PRIDE community improvement group.

Partners in PRIDE (PIP) Grant is a funding opportunity provided by Kansas PRIDE, Inc. as a 1:1 match with communities that can provide funding up to the maximum amount of $2,000 per project for PRIDE Communities that qualify. PIP grant applications are available in two rounds of funding per year. To date over $50,000 has been awarded to PRIDE Community projects. 

Volunteers Impact PRIDE (VIP) is designed to help communities help themselves through sweat equity and volunteerism at the local level. 

Partners in PRIDE

"You would not believe the difference a little hard work has made to our community. Changing the facade of the Biggs Building has created so much momentum, great things are happening in Glasco. Others are taking notice. Buildings that have for many years been left in disrepair on Main Street are being fixed up, cleaned, painted, even if they are not currently occupied. The money provided by the PIP grant was the beginning. A little paint and stone work has gone a long way."

- Joan Nothern, Glasco PRIDE