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Kansas PRIDE Program



The Kansas PRIDE Program affords many opportunities for funding, recognition and education, as well as serves as a vehicle to connect communities with the resources that are needed for community betterment. 

Recognition: STAR Capital Awards, Community Partner Awards and Community of Excellence. Recognition comes in the form of awards presented at the local level.

Funding: Partners in PRIDE Grants and Growth and Action Awards are available exclusive to PRIDE Communities by Kansas PRIDE, Inc. 

CLICK HERE for a document outlining the award overviews and deadlines.

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Kansas PRIDE Impact

In 2014...community volunteers invested nearly 65,000 hours on various local PRIDE Initiatives, with 713 ongoing and completed projects. Youth were involved in 275 projects, and more than $381,600 were invested in our projects through private and public funding. It truly is amazing what can be done with a small amount of money and volunteers.

- Jada Ackerman, Ex Officio, Kansas PRIDE, Inc.