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Kansas PRIDE Program

Community of Exellence

Once a PRIDE Community has become a Community of Action, they are eligible to apply to become designated a Community of Excellence (COE). Recognition as a COE is a noteworthy accomplishment for a community PRIDE group. COEs will receive recognition in the PRIDE Annual Review and on the Website, eligibility to apply for Partners in PRIDE grants to support efforts related to long-term community goals, and a recognition bar for community sign. A community designated with this award should be able to demonstrate that they have created a shared vision and mission and are working in an inclusive, collaborative manner on projects of high importance to the community. The designation of COE is awarded for a term of three years. If you are a Community of Action that is interested in applying, or a current COE that is reapplying for COE status, please click on the link below to download the COE application: 

Community of Excellence Application (doc)

Work Plan (doc)