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Kansas PRIDE Program


Kansas PRIDE offers many forms of recognition to Kansas PRIDE Communities, through awards, status and process. Awards come in the form of competitive awards which are Capital Awards and PRIDE Partner Awards. Community of Excellence is a designation given to PRIDE communities that have gone through the process of becoming a PRIDE Community of Action and have demonstrated great support in accomplishing community goals. Success Stories received by communities allows Kansas PRIDE to highlight their accomplishments. Local recognition comes when awards are presented at the local level.

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The 2015 Capital Awards were presented to the following communities. Click on the community name to see their story. 

  Delia Built Award

  Delia Cultural Award

  Perry Cultural Award

  Lucas Financial Award

  Delia Human Award                                                  CLICK HERE to see the Awards Overview. 

  Lenora Human Award                                                       

  Iola Natural Award

  Delia Social Award

  Lenora Social Award 

  Rossville Social Award