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Kansas PRIDE Program



Enrollment is due January 1 of each year. Communities enroll on an annual basis. Enrollment is done on an annual basis as there is often transition between PRIDE Community chairpersons or officers and the Kansas PRIDE Office needs to have the most up to date and current information available in order to be able to contact the appropriate persons in case of any planned visits, opportunities (educational, funding or otherwise), and for distribution of the Kansas PRIDE Electronic Newsletter. For any questions related to enrollment, please contact the Kansas PRIDE Office at PRIDE@ksu.edu or at (785) 532-5840.

The new enrollment system is online. A webinar on how to use the new can be viewed here:

January 15, April 15, October 15 and December 15 of every year Quarterly Reports are due. The webinar link above can walk you through the system.

If you encounter any errors, please help us help you by exercising the following:

1) Copy the error or take a screen shot

2) Place the error or screenshot in a message and email to PRIDE@ksu.edu

We will forward your message to our Information Technology experts and will inform you of any required action on your part, and when the situation is resolved.

CLICK HERE to enroll.

Benefits of Participating in Kansas PRIDE

  • Structure to organize and implement community development efforts.
  • Technical assistance and training.
  • A vision for the community's future.
  • A plan to initiate goals and promote PRIDE to the public.
  • Team approach to address community needs through an action plan.
  • Self-assessment for better understanding of existing conditions and resources.
  • Identification of regional, state, and national resources.
  • Quantifiable measurements of successes.
  • Evaluations on-site by community development professionals.
  • Recognition of achievements. Sustainability of community improvement efforts.

To learn more about the Kansas PRIDE Program, we invite you to look through the resources and links available at this website, or contact PRIDE Staff.