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Kansas PRIDE Program

Program Participation


All Kansas PRIDE community groups are organized with the best interests of their community in mind, and are organized to tackle projects for community betterment. Enrollment begins after January 1.

Communities Enrollment Options

Enrollment can be completed by visiting the "Enrollment" button on the left menu pane.

Once a community has enrolled, it is required that the community make any local government entities aware that the community is now part of the PRIDE Program. This can be done by completing a resolution form. The resolution number section of the enrollment form can be completed at any time after enrollment by updating your enrollment information.

Resolution of Government Support

The Photo Release Form is required in the event that youth under the age of 18 are photographed during a community activity. It is included in most applications on the website, but it is also available below.

Photo Release Form

Benefits of Participating in Kansas PRIDE

  • Structure to organize and implement community development efforts.
  • Technical assistance and training.
  • A vision for the community's future.
  • A plan to initiate goals and promote PRIDE to the public.
  • Team approach to address community needs through an action plan.
  • Self-assessment for better understanding of existing conditions and resources.
  • Identification of regional, state, and national resources.
  • Quantifiable measurements of successes.
  • Evaluations on-site by community development professionals.
  • Recognition of achievements. Sustainability of community improvement efforts.

To learn more about the Kansas PRIDE Program, we invite you to look through the resources and links available at this website, or contact PRIDE Staff.