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Kansas PRIDE Program


Kansas PRIDE Communities are asked to provide a summary report of their community development efforts each quarter.

Reporting deadlines are:pridelogo

Q1 (Due April 15)
Q2 (Due July 15)
Q3 (Due Oct. 15)
Q4 (Due Jan. 15)

**When Reporting Please Round Your Cents Up or Down**

Report HERE

Work Plan

Contact PRIDE@ksu.edu or 785.532.5840 for any questions

Why are Kansas PRIDE Communities asked to report?

In the past there have been questions concerning why Kansas PRIDE Communities are asked to report. The answer is simple: your community knows what you are involved in, what you have accomplished, but does anyone else outside of your proximity know and understand the value of your work?

The Kansas PRIDE Program broadcasts your achievements. The numbers that you provide are used in the Kansas PRIDE Annual Review and in Legislative Reports shared at the state capital as well as at the national level. The world can see what you, as community volunteers, have done for the betterment of your community and the state of Kansas.

With our new system your project information (no personal information is shared) can be searched by other PRIDE Communities, KSRE Extension Agents and Kansas Department of Commerce Business and Community Development Division Field Staff.