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Kansas PRIDE Program


 Communities Currently Enrolled in the Kansas PRIDE Program

Kansas PRIDE community map

See the Current 2022 Kansas PRIDE Communities Map (PDF)

Previous Year's Participating Communities-2021 (PDF)

Communities are added on a regular basis based on when they enroll.  If you feel your community should be listed here, or you have a link you'd like your community's name to direct to, please email us at PRIDE@ksu.edu. Communities in bold have provided a link to their Facebook page or website.

Vibrant Communities with a positive future.

Since 1970, the Kansas PRIDE program has assisted and encouraged communities to prepare for the future by building on their past and forming a vision of the future.

For information on how your community can participate in the Kansas PRIDE Program, visit our Enrollment and Reporting page.

The Kansas PRIDE Program is a partnership of K-State Research and Extension, the Kansas Department of Commerce, and Kansas PRIDE, Inc.

PRIDE is dedicated to serving communities across the state to encourage and assist local government and volunteers in making their community a better place to live and work. Contact the Kansas PRIDE staff for more information.