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Kansas PRIDE Program



KS Masons

 Partnership with the Kansas Masons

The video below is an example of the some of the work being done by local Kansas PRIDE groups and Masonic Lodges in the state.  This video was produced by the Kansas Masonic Foundation.  For more information on how local Kansas PRIDE groups and Lodges can work together, contact us at PRIDE@ksu.edu.

Kansas PRIDE, Inc. 2019 Board of Directors

Justin Campbell
Westar Energy

Mendi Anschutz
Ex Officio

Michael Billinger
Ex Officio
Midwest Energy

Lynne Berry
Leonardville PRIDE

Jan Steen
K-State Research and Extension

Craig Cox
Kansas Association of Counties

Ken Kopp
Kansas Rural Water Association

Donna Houser

James Lambert
Kansas Gas Service

Debbi Childers

Doug Wilkinson
Kansas Masons Community Rep

Deidre Knight
Council Grove PRIDE

Connie Blanke
Russell PRIDE

Lisa Stroda and Denise Gillespie 
Grainfield PRIDE

David Criswell
Wilson PRIDE

Sandy Jacquot
Lecompton PRIDE

Davin Morris
Black Hills Energy

Angie Armstrong
Networks Plus - Blue Valley Network of Companies

Dr. Gregg Hadley
K-State Research and Extension

Amy Selm
Kansas Department of Commerce

Jaime Menon
Co Treasurer
K-State Research and Extension

Trudy Rice
K-State Research and Extension

Our Partners

The Kansas PRIDE Program is a partnership of K-State Research and Extension, the Kansas Department of Commerce, Kansas Masons and Kansas PRIDE, Inc.

Click below to view the Kansas Department of Commerce Regional Project Managers who partner in providing resources to Kansas communities.

KS Department of Commerce RPM Map

 Economic Development Information/Guide Site