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Kansas PRIDE Program

Week of PRIDE

All Spring Projects Qualify for Week of PRIDE Impact!

Week of PRIDE is a call to action for PRIDE communities to improve their towns during the last week of May. Over a third of the PRIDE communities took part in the event in 2016-2017. The dates given will be the "official" dates designated by the Governor's Office - but if you have projects from anywhere from Mid April to the first week of June, feel free to count them if you feel they fit!

Partnerships are a Good Thing!

Masonic Lodges and 4-H Groups across the state have been invited to partner with local PRIDE groups to help identify needs and assist in implementing projects! It also means that local PRIDE groups have the potential to benefit from our new Partners the Kansas Masons and Youth Leadership - and we all benefit when we volunteer!! A HUGE thank you to the Kansas Masons for the local support and to 4-H Extension Specialist Beth Hinshaw for helping us to promote Week of PRIDE in the 4-H network!

Don't be surprised if local Masonic Lodges and 4-H groups reach out, and don't be afraid to ask if your local Lodges and 4-H groups are interested! 

IF you do not have a Masonic Lodge in your area and would like to reach out, contact the PRIDE office and we will get you in contact: PRIDE@ksu.edu

Speaking of youth, if you have any photos you would like to send to us for use, please include the Photo Release Form (CLICK HERE).

CLICK HERE for the Week of PRIDE Guidebook. 

CLICK HERE to Report Your Impact


If you need examples to get your mind jogging concerning projects, check out our Annual Review!

Week of PRIDE 2016