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Kansas PRIDE Program

Kansas PRIDE Community Folios

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The Kansas PRIDE Program will now require Community Folios for all Awards - Promotion/Recognition and Grants.

Along with the requirements of good standing (enrolled, resolution of government support submitted, and quarterly reports up to date), the Kansas PRIDE Program is now pairing its award system with required community folios. 

The purpose of the folios is to:

  • To add educational components that result in capacity building within your organization and its members
  • Help you keep a history of what you have worked on during your participation in the program
  • Help guide you through community assessment if your community is interested
  • Assist you in keeping track of your year of work
  • Serve as a document for an easier succession transition

One folio is required per community per year for applying for any awards (both recognition and grant). If you update your education, feel free to submit again with your new accomplishments accounted for.

While utilizing all of the educational components is not required, completion of the educational modules lends more points towards submitted applications.

Please select the folio that corresponds with your community enrollment status:

Community of Growth Folio

Community of Action Folio

Community of Excellence Folio

A video giving an overview of the Community Portfolios can be found on our Education page or click the image below to view the video directly:


All folios or questions can be submitted to PRIDE@ksu.edu