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Kansas PRIDE Program

You are a PRIDE Community - Now What?

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Educational Videos

We recommend viewing the below videos in HD format and/or in full screen mode for best quality.


In addition to the training videos below, the Kansas PRIDE program provides guidance for local communities to organize and identify areas in which they would like to make community improvement. Whether your community is new to PRIDE or is in a time of transitional leadership, we have the Next Steps ready for you! The following is a list of 6 Training Modules offered to Kansas PRIDE Communities, some of which are already available as videos on this page. INTRO to PRIDEBuilding Better Communities GETTING ORGANIZED - Board Roles and Responsibilities MONEY MATTERS - Fundraising, 501 c 3 and Community Foundations STAYING ON TARGETYour Mission and Vision ACHIEVING SUCCESSVolunteer Recruitment and Retention EVALUATIONBenchmarking Your Success.  CLICK HERE for a synopsis of what each training module entails.


Introduction Thumbnail

Introduction to the Kansas PRIDE Program

Enroll thumbnail

Enrolling in the Kansas PRIDE Program

Award Recognition Thumb

Enrollment Levels, Recognition, and Awards - Kansas PRIDE Program

reporting thumb

Reporting System - Kansas PRIDE Program

Community Tools thumb

Engaging Your Community and Community Tools - Kansas PRIDE Program


Volunteer Recruitment and Retention - Kansas PRIDE Program

Money Matters thumbnail

How to Handle Dollars - Kansas PRIDE Program


grants video thumbnail 

Kansas PRIDE Program Grants

Board Roles thumbnailGetting Organized: Board Roles and Responsibilities - Kansas PRIDE Program




What Kansas PRIDE Communities have to say about Networking Opportunities:

“Inspired by small town accomplishing big things, enjoyed the places we stopped to walk and take pictures”

“Very informative and great to see what other communities have implemented”