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Kansas PRIDE Program

You are a PRIDE Community - Now What?

50 Years of PRIDE

Educational Videos -We recommend viewing the below videos in HD format and/or in full screen mode for best quality.

Below the Kansas PRIDE Toolkit you can view videos on Getting Started/Initial Education, videos on the Awards applications and other relevant education that is useful for communities. All modules are 15 minutes or less.

Opportunity: Each video of the Kansas PRIDE Toolkit has an evaluative component. A pre-survey for baseline knowledge, and a post-survey for knowledge gained. Pre-surveys can be found as a link below each toolkit thumbnail below. Post-surveys can be accessed in the description of the YouTube video. For every survey pre/post pair you complete you have the opportunity to be put in a drawing for a $50 gift card. Drawings will be held bi-annually.

Kansas PRIDE Toolkit

Toolkit Video 1Pre-Survey

Kansas PRIDE Toolkit Lesson 1: Getting Started

Materials and Resources

Toolkit Video 2Pre-Survey

Kansas PRIDE Toolkit Lesson 2: Fiscal Responsibility

Materials and Resources

Toolkit Video 3Pre-Survey

Kansas PRIDE Toolkit Lesson 3: Telling Your Story

Materials and Resources

Toolkit Video 4Pre-Survey

Kansas PRIDE Toolkit Lesson 4: Staying on Target

Materials and Resources

Toolkit Video 5Pre-Survey

Kansas PRIDE Toolkit Lesson 5: Volunteer Motivation and Maintenance

Materials and Resources

Toolkit Video 6Pre-Survey

Kansas PRIDE Toolkit Lesson 6: Volunteer Nature

Materials and Resources

Getting Started and Initial Education

Introduction Thumbnail

Introduction to the Kansas PRIDE Program

Enroll thumbnail

Enrolling in the Kansas PRIDE Program (Updated 01/20/21)

Thumbnail for video

Reporting System - Kansas PRIDE Program

Award Recognition Thumb

Enrollment Levels, Recognition, and Awards - Kansas PRIDE Program

Community Tools thumb

Engaging Your Community and Community Tools - Kansas PRIDE Program

Thumbnail of Community Folios screenshot

Community Folios

Awards Videos

Project Excellence video thumbnail

Project Excellence Award Instructions

Rising Star Thumbnail

Rising Star Award Instructions

Community of Excellent Status thumbnail

Community of Excellence Status Nomination Instructions

Community Emergency Grant thumbnail

Community Emergency Grant Application Overview

Community of Growth grant thumbnail

Community of Growth Grant Application Overview

Community of Action grant thumbnail

Community of Action Grant Application Overview

Community Promotion grant thumbnail

Community Promotion Grant Application Overview

VIP Grant thumbnail

Volunteers Impact PRIDE Grant Application Overview 



Additional Topics

Crowdfunding thumbnail

 Crowdfunding - When Traditional Fundraising is Limited - 5/20/2020

KCAIC thumbnail

Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission Webinar - 4/2019


CDBG webinar thumbCommunity Development Block Grant Webinar - 3/2019 - Kansas Department of Commerce