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Kansas PRIDE Program

 Enrollment and Reporting


Before you enroll, if you are a new community, we encourage you to take a community Readiness Assessment, if your community has not participated in the First Impressions Program through K-State Research and Extension:

Readiness Assessment

What is the Kansas PRIDE Program's definition of community? Check our FAQ to find out!

Please review Kansas PRIDE Community Levels of Enrollment:

Communities Enrollment Options

Enrollment can be completed by visiting the "Enroll" button on the right menu pane.

Videos on the program, awards, enrollment and reporting can be viewed on our EDUCATION page. 

All Kansas PRIDE community groups are organized with the best interests of their community in mind, and are organized to tackle projects for community betterment. Enrollment is required each year that your community intends to be a part of the program and the enrollment database for each new program year is available for enrollment starting in January.  There is no official deadline to be a part of the program, however communities enrolling after July 1 will be considered first year, or Community of Growth, communities in the following year for grant and award eligibility.

Once a community has enrolled, it is required that the community make any local government entities aware that the community is now part of the PRIDE Program. This can be done by completing a resolution form. The resolution number section of the enrollment form can be completed at any time after enrollment by updating your enrollment information. The Resolution of Government Support is required to be obtained every 3 years and is entered during the enrollment or update process each year. If your PRIDE group is in an unincorporated area, the resolution needs to be approved by your county commissioners.

Resolution of Government Support

The Photo Release Form is required in the event that youth under the age of 18 are photographed during a community activity. It is included in most applications on the website, but it is also available below. In a larger city like Wichita, Kansas City, Topeka, etc.? We have a Statement of Government Support available for neighborhoods that wish to join the program. E-mail us at PRIDE@ksu.edu for a copy.

Photo Release Form

Be sure to view the new Enrollment Video!

To enroll as a Kansas PRIDE community, click on the blue "Enroll" button below:

enroll button

To report your community's quarterly progress, please click on the gold "Report" button below:

report button