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Kansas PRIDE Program

Kansas PRIDE Promotion and Recognition

Rising Star Award presentation

Definition of Good Standing: Enrolled, Resolution of Government Support submitted, Quarterly Reports up to date.

Videos providing an overview of recognition applications, including details about Community Folios, can be found on our Education page or the Community Folio Page.

Community Folios will now be required if a community is applying for awards.

The purpose for these folios is as follows:

  • To add educational components that result in capacity building within your organization and its members
  • Help you keep a history of what you have worked on during your participation in the program
  • Help guide you through community assessment if your community is interested
  • Assist you in keeping track of your year of work
  • Serve as a document for an easier succession transition

Only one folio is required per community applying for awards. Required list on folios must be met. The more education acquired by the community lends applications higher consideration. For more information contact PRIDE@ksu.edu



COMMUNITY PROMOTION GRANT - Communities of Action and Excellence can apply for these awards.  Community Promotion Grants are up to $1000 $1:1 matching grants available for promotion of communities though building a website, social media campaigns or apps, videos, radio, fliers, or ads in travel/tourism magazines. See our funding page for more information.

COMMUNITY/KANSAS PRIDE LOGOS: If your community is interested in using a Kansas PRIDE logo we have three options for you.  We have Kansas PRIDE logos made specifically with your community name, the "Kansas PRIDE in Partnership with the Kansas Masons" logo, and the Kansas PRIDE logo with no additional text.  To obtain a logo for local use your PRIDE community must be enrolled and up to date on quarterly reports.  Please contact the PRIDE office at 785-532-5840 or PRIDE@ksu.edu.  Logos are available in a variety of different formats including EPS.  This is a free service provided by Kansas PRIDE, Inc. to Kansas PRIDE communities.

CUSTOMIZED LOCAL PRIDE SIGNAGE: Kansas PRIDE, Inc. works with a vendor that supplies Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) compliant reflective signage. NOTE: If your community plans to put the sign on the right of way we highly encourage you to contact your local KDOT office to coordinate or gain their opinion as to whether or not a sign can be placed where you wish to have it. If you wish to place it on a building or anywhere please make sure to confirm permission of property owners. Please contact PRIDE@ksu.edu for more information if interested in signage.



Due May 1

Recognition of your community works can be done through applying for awards, such as the PROJECT EXCELLENCE AWARD and RISING STAR AWARD, detailed below. If a community receives an award, through Kansas PRIDE, Inc. the award is presented at the local level. This is done so that awards may be presented during a local celebration. A representative of the K-State Research and Extension Kansas PRIDE Office or the Kansas Department of Commerce Rural Programs will present the award at the community celebration or via a video.

Recognition also comes in the form of news releases, social media posts, and features in our Kansas PRIDE Annual Review.


Local PRIDE programs are encouraged to nominate a high-quality project for state-level recognition.

Nominations may be submitted in all seven community capitals but must be a separate project nomination (different project) for each capital.


Project Excellence

Click on the image above to learn more.


An individual, business, organization, elected official, benefactor, or youth who has made an outstanding contribution to your local PRIDE program. 

This is a guaranteed award if you submit a nomination. 

One nomination per local PRIDE Program is allowed per year.


Rising Star

Click on the image above to learn more.

Due May 1


Communities of Action are eligible to apply for Community of Exellence if:

  • if they have had a community assessment done within the last 3-5 years
  • are in good standing

Communities of Excellence receive state wide recognition and the opportunity to apply for:

  • Community of Action,
  • Community Promotion, and
  • Volunteers Impact PRIDE Community of Excellence grants

To support efforts related to long term community goals.

A community designated with this award should be able to demonstrate that they have:

  • created a shared vision and mission
  • a track record of working in an inclusive, collaborative manner
  • projects of high importance to the community.

The designation of COE is awarded for a term of three years.

EXAMPLE COE APPLICATION  - example for PDF formatting only, graphics are not necessary

Community of Excellence Application

Work Plan (Required with Application)


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