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Kansas PRIDE Program

Emergency Preparedness

We all want to hope for the best, but sometimes it's best to prepare for the worst. Here are some links to emergency preparedness sites that could help you in times of crisis.

Extension Disaster Education Network
Disasters happen, but knowing more about hazards and threats can help reduce the likelihood or the severity. K-State Research and Extension and the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) provide information specific to communities, home, and agriculture. K-State Research and Extension's EDEN resources can be found here.

Wild Fire Action Guide
Wildland Fire Action Guide provides tips on how to protect homes from wildfire. The Kansas Forest Service has teamed up with K-State Research and Extension, the Office of the State Fire Marshal, and the International Association of Fire Chiefs to customize a Wildland Fire Action Guide specific to Kansas.

Through the Kansas Department of Commerce

Urgent Need Grant
Urgent Need Grants address an immediate threat to health or safety resulting from a sudden and severe emergency. These awards assist in meeting community needs created by a severe natural or other disaster. The need must be certified by the state agency that has regulatory oversight.

City Clerks Disaster PlanThe City Clerks Disaster Plan Continuity of Operations has been compiled by the CCMFOA working group “Development of City Clerks Disaster Plan” with support of CCMFOA members, League of Kansas Municipalities and the Kansas Department of Commerce.