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Kansas PRIDE Program

Board Leadership Series - Spring 2016

BLS Spring 2016

It's Back! The popular Board Leadership Series hosted by K-State Research and Extension. 

The Board Leadership Series provides an opportunity to give community-based boards — elected, appointed, or recognized by local units of government — affordable training necessary to be most effective and efficient with their responsibilities.

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Enrollment Reminder!

dont forget

Don't forget!  Enrollment will be due after January 1, 2016, and you will be asked to change your password. If your community had a Resolution approved in the months of November or December, please hold off on enrolling until after the first of the year.  Thank You!



Looking for funding for your projects? Some communities are considering Kanstarter! Wilson is raising money for their Opera House, and Burdett PRIDE is raising funds for their miniature golf course! Minimum donations start at $1 - and as we all know, every dollar counts! Have a Kanstarter page? Let us know and we will put it on our Facebook and more!


Up for a Community Visit? 

Would your community like to have a visit to catch up or visit with Jaime Menon or others from KSRE Community Vitality? If you are interested, please email us at PRIDE@ksu.edu.

Building Better Communities

The Kansas PRIDE Program is a partnership of K-State Research and Extension, the Kansas Department of Commerce, and Kansas PRIDE, Inc.

Kansas PRIDE is dedicated to serving communities across the state to encourage and assist local government and volunteers in making their community a better place to live and work.

Through the Kansas PRIDE program, local communities identify what they would like to preserve, create, or improve for their future. Then, working with the resources of K-State Research & Extension and the Kansas Department of Commerce, community volunteers pull together to create their ideal community future.